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Roof Cleaning and Treatment

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Roof cleaning-treating done properly is a safe effective way to extent the life of your roof while keeping your house in top shape. 

Cement and Stone (concrete or aggregate) 

Before and After Aggregate

Whether you are protecting your walks, drives, patios and more from damaging moss, mildew, and algae or putting a shine on your home for sale or for yourself, nothing makes a bigger difference out of all the pressure wash services we provide than this service. And to protect your investment we offer what is the best sealer out there.

 Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning 

Before and After Cedar Shakes                                             Before                                     After 

It is estimated that over 50%  of all reroofing is done due to the appearance of the roof and not the functionality. You have no doubt seen someone clean a roof like yours to get rid of the moss. That is only the first step out of 3 that should be performed.  ALDRICH CONSTRUCTION SERVICES does not just get rid of the moss, but helps prevent it from coming back. Our ALDRICH THREE PHASE  total roof restoration process is based on the results of studies performed by Oregon State University, Texas A&M, Forest Product Laboratory, The Cedar Guild, and the Washington State Hand Split Shake Bureau. THE ALDRICH THREE PHASE PROCESS is as follows: 
  1. PHASE ONE:  We use a designed low pressure high water volume cleaning process. Moss, algae, and debris are gently removed. This process will restore the "Like New " appearance and also reveal any deteriorated shakes.
  2.  PHASE TWO: We thoroughly inspect every shake on your roof, replacing or repairing any that have deteriorated or are missing. This avoids any future leak problems.
  3. PHASE THREE: To complete the restoration process we will replenish the natural  oils and preservatives that have been lost do to sunlight and rainfall by applying ALDRICH special blend of oil based moss retardant/wood preservative.

Things We Pressure Wash

  • Driveways

  • Roofs

  •  Sidewalks

  • Siding

  • Houses

  • Decks

  • Stones

  • More

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