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How to Pick a Qualified Contractor

Not all Estimates are Created Equal

Aldrich Construction Services realizes that when reviewing your estimate, the most logical first reaction is to compare bottom lines on each proposal. This is important, but when you do this comparing, what work for what price is probably even more important. As you will see in our proposal all items, conditions, and specifications are spelled out in complete detail. Omitted items can increase your total cost significantly. Aldrich Construction Services has taken the time and effort to minimize your questions, thus giving you a quality job with no hidden unseen costs. As you know construction is a very competitive business. Each year the costs of doing business increases. Please, in your selection process, include the following BUSINESS CREDENTIAL CHECKS. 

  1. Insure the Contractor is LISENSED and BONDED by calling the department of LABOR & INDUSTRIES at 1-800-647-0982. (L&I Website )
  2. Check the contractors INSURANCE, making sure he is adequately insured.
  3. Investigate his REFERENCES insuring he can complete the job satisfactorily, that he has equipment and manpower, and the he has completed the of project he is bidding.
  4. Call the BETTER BUSINESS BUREA at 206-431-2222 and they will give you a report concerning the problems this contractor is experiencing.  (BBB Website  WWW: )         

BECAUSE THE BOTTOM LINE for you is a successfully completed construction project with you experiencing a minimum of discomfort and problems.

IF THE ABOVE MAKES SENSE TO YOU, we are READY, WILLING and QUALIFIED to complete your construction project.


Customer services before, during, and after a project has always been a problem for the construction industry. Contractors often fail to provide sufficiently detailed specifications for the work to be performed. Once the  project is completed it is often difficult to locate or have the contractor perform warranty repairs. Aldrich Construction Services reputation begins by providing detailed specifications for both material and labor. Quality craftsmanship, experienced workers, along with warranty services, maintains this reputation, Our current business success is due to referrals and repeat business.


You, the homeowner, should be certain that the contractor is protecting you with insurance. An accidental injury to a worker, passerby, or damage to your home, may result in a considerable financial loss if you are not properly protected. Normal homeowner's insurance does not cover these losses. Our representative has for your inspection a copy of insurance coverage for your protection.


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