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This time paint it to last. A more durable longer lasting paint job. We are the top rated Painting Contractors in Seattle. Save on the Exterior Painting of Your Home.

ALDRICH CONSTRUCTION SERVICES delivers a superior paint job. Our Pros start with a detailed preparation...Next we apply Aldrich peel stop Primer. The primer is formulated with Resin-Technology to provide a more durable first coat protection. The primer has proven superior on thousands of homes. Bonds...Seals proofs...Resists Peeling. Lastly we apply 100% Acrylic Latex Paints for a beautiful finish that lasts...long after normal paint jobs crack and peel.     

Aldrich 7 Phase Certified Application

  1. PRESSURE WASH:                                Pressure wash to remove loose paint, contaminants, dirt, grease, chalk, mildew, and mold.

  2. SURFACE PREPARATION:                        Scrape and wire brush loose and chipping paint. Scuff and sand glossy areas. Caulk and seal windows and doors where caulking is missing or failing. Apply Stain-Blocking oil primer to new or exposed wood. Clean and wipe dust areas with damp towel. Cover plants, walkways and furniture with tarps. Prepare front door for finish paint.

  3. FIRST COAT: Aldrich Premium RT Sealer    The advanced Resin Sealer provides a thick, flexible, adhesive first coat barrier. Technologically advanced it goes beyond simple primers or a first coat of paint. Aldrich Premium RT Sealer is the ultimate first coat.

  4. SECOND COAT: ALDRICH Premium RT Paint  Formulated with Advanced Resin Technology, the paint provides unsurpassed durability and beauty. The elegant finish extends a Color-Last curb appeal after other paints crack and fade. As part of the two coat system, it won't peel, blister, chip or flake.

  5.  PAINTING INSPECTION & DOCUMENTAION   The Crew Manager inspects the painting daily for superior application. A final inspection is performed with the homeowner and touch-ups are performed. Painting Documentation is completed. Client comment card is provided.

  6. CLEAN-UP                                                Your property is left "Broom Clean"  with removal of all trash. Touch-up paint is labeled and left for homeowner.

  7. MANUFACTURER LIFETIME GUARANTEE         A Manufacturer Lifetime Guarantee for as long as the homeowner owner owns the property is provided with the Aldrich Premium RT  Painting. See Guarantee for details.  


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We at ALDRICH CONSTRUCTION SERVICES Back Roll and Back Brush all of our exterior painting. This is a very important technique of exterior painting that should never be overlooked. The way it works is that  generally paint is applied with airless sprayer and that's when most companies stop is at this point of the painting process but not ALDRICH CONSTRUCTION SERVICES we follow the spraying up with a roller to the open flat areas and a brush to all inside corners then work the paint into the surface areas. This assures proper adhesion to the surface you are painting onto


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